Siberian cuisine

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Restaurant Tunguska and brand-chef Nikolay Bobrov discover the Siberian cuisine from the new perspective, creating its' modern version.
The basis of our outlook lies in Siberian gastronomical traditions - the quintessence of a long-term interplay between Russian and near-east cuisines, accompanied with specific dietary features of the natives of the North. This ground is developed with technologies, trends and flavours from all over the world.


About the chef
Nikolay Bobrov is a chef of the Tunguska restaurant and a brand-chef of Berrywood family restaurant group
Nikolay Bobrov gives culinary traditions of Siberia a second life, caring for its' approach to cooking on fire, in a wood stove, paying particular attention to local foods. Reframing cuisine of a unique region, Nikolay Bobrov introduces what shapes and sides of modern Siberian gastronomy might look like.
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Gastronomical set Evolution of the Siberian table
Tunguska Restaurant and brand Chef Nikolai Bobrov are presenting the gastronomical set "Evolution of the Siberian table".

This set is a journey through time, which will enlighten changes in gastronomic traditions taking place on the territory of the Yenisei Siberia under influence of various factors – from the appearance of the first hunting tools to the digital dictatorship of the future. You will go on an impressive gastronomic tour through the centuries, starting from the beginning of the humanity, times of gathering, continuing with times of hunters and anglers. You will become the witness of inventing fire and agriculture, feel the power of Asian and French influences on Siberian cuisine and get to know what the main dish in Soviet Union was. The journey ends with today’s world and gives you a peek of what gastronomy can become in the nearest future.

Set 4 800 rub.
Wine accompaniment 3 000 rub.
Non-alcoholic accompaniment 2 000 руб.
The set is available to order from the administrator at least 24 hours in advance.

Interior design

Interior design photo
The main aim of the interior design is in creating a mystifying atmosphere conveyed through Siberian nature patterns and archetypes of the indigenous people of the North.
Trunks photo
Unprocessed trunks depict mighty and mystifying Taiga woods. By the walls, the trunks multiply in the mirrors, creating a labyrinth-looking atmosphere, that is came across in a pine forest.
Sofas photo
The curves of the blue sofas resemble the bends of a river, its' specular metal back parallel with glaring water surface ripples. River-pebbles floor covered with polished concrete echoes with the bottom of the river.
Fishing nets photo
Black coloured fishing nets fixed under the ceiling in quirky shapes represent piscary and remind frozen aurora borealis or worried Siberian sky. Designer-made lanterns along the restaurant hall are created inspired by old fisherman tackles.
Bar stove photo
The bar counter and show kitchen are decorated with natural rocks brought from Sayan Spurs. The reservation signs are made of stone, as well as gabion walls of the restroom.
Wood stove photo
The heart of the restaurant is a Russian wood stove which is used to cook various dishes of Tunguska: Yenisey sturgeons, glazed quails, craft farro bread.
Wardrobe photo
Mystifying atmosphere is accompanied with the aesthetics of the indigenous people of the North and ancient petroglifs incorporated into different elements of the interior design are greeting the guests of our restaurant from the entrance. The entrance itself represents traditional habitation of the peoples of the North - choum decorated with reindeer furs.
Tunguska shop
Tunguska restaurant introduces gastronomical and decorative gifts associated with traditions and cultures of the native peoples of the Yenisey Siberia.
tincture in a gift tube
Sea buckthorn / Siberian amelanchier and meadowsweet / gin of blackcurrant and fir / baked apples vodka / pine nut, cloudberries and currant leaves / gin of raspberries / chokeberry / horseradish
948 Rub 200 ml
2358 Rub 500 ml
"Shaman and totem animals" Russian dolls
Hand-painted by an artist of Evenk "Haivalam Brand"
5000 Rub per set
Handmade sweets
"Flavours of the Yenisey Siberia"
8 pcs set. Fir and pine nuts / Dried elk meat with dark chocolate
968 Rub 8 pcs
Tuvan yak coppa
A decorative souvenir associated with the traditions and culture of the peoples of the Yenisei Siberia.
948 Rub 100 g.
herbal collection
Options: "Flowers of the East", "Spirit of Taiga", "Fairytail forest"
948 Rub 294 g
The restaurant provides gift certificates of 2000, 3000, 5000 and 10000 rubles.
Each certificate is hand-sealed with a petroglyph stamp. Certificates of 5,000 or above are packaged in branded cotton black bags.
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